Special Issues

MOZAIC–IAGOS 20th Anniversary Symposium

Editorial: The 2014 MOZAIC-IAGOS 20th Anniversary Scientific Symposium on Atmospheric Composition Observations by Commercial Aircraft
by Leonard Barrie, Valerie Thouret, Andreas Petzold (Published: 5 October 2015)

Horizontal scales of ice-supersaturated regions
by Peter Spichtinger, Martin Leschner (Published: 4 March 2016)

The IAGOS-CORE aerosol package: instrument design, operation and performance for continuous measurement aboard in-service aircraft
by Ulrich Bundke, Marcel Berg, Norbert Houben, Amir Ibrahim, Markus Fiebig, Frank Tettich, Christoph Klaus, Harald Franke, Andreas Petzold (Published: 28 December 2015)

On the use of MOZAIC-IAGOS data to assess the ability of the MACC reanalysis to reproduce the distribution of ozone and CO in the UTLS over Europe
by Audrey Gaudel, Hannah Clark, Valerie Thouret, Luke Jones, Antje Inness, Johannes Flemming, Olaf Stein, Vincent Huijnen, Henk Eskes, Philippe Nédélec, Damien Boulanger (Published: 2 December 2015)

On the representation of IAGOS/MOZAIC vertical profiles in chemical transport models: contribution of different error sources in the example of carbon monoxide
by Fabio Boschetti, Huilin Chen, Valerie Thouret, Philippe Nedelec, Greet Janssens-Maenhout, Christoph Gerbig (Published: 5 November 2015)

Climatology of NOy in the troposphere and UT/LS from measurements made in MOZAIC
by Karin Thomas, Marcel Berg, Damien Boulanger, Norbert Houben, Alicia Gressent, Philippe Nédélec, Hans-Werner Pätz, Valerie Thouret, Andreas Volz-Thomas (Published: 29 October 2015)

Quality assessment of MOZAIC and IAGOS capacitive hygrometers: insights from airborne field studies
by Patrick Neis, Herman G. J. Smit, Susanne Rohs, Ulrich Bundke, Martina Krämer, Nicole Spelten, Volker Ebert, Bernhard Buchholz, Karin Thomas, Andreas Petzold (Published: 22 October 2015)

Analysis of tropospheric ozone and carbon monoxide profiles over South America based on MOZAIC/IAGOS database and model simulations
by Marcia A. Yamasoe, Bastien Sauvage, Valerie Thouret, Philippe Nédélec, Eric Le Flochmoen, Brice Barret (Published: 21 October 2015)

Global-scale atmosphere monitoring by in-service aircraft - current achievements and future prospects of the European Research Infrastructure IAGOS
by Andreas Petzold, Valerie Thouret, Christoph Gerbig, Andreas Zahn, Carl A.M. Brenninkmeijer, Martin Gallagher, Markus Hermann, Marc Pontaud, Helmut Ziereis, Damien Boulanger, Julia Marshall, Philippe Nédélec, Herman G.J. Smit, Udo Friess, Jean-Marie Flaud, Andreas Wahner, Jean-Pierre Cammas, Andreas Volz-Thomas (Published: 16 October 2015)

Properties of small cirrus ice crystals from commercial aircraft measurements and implications for flight operations
by Karl Beswick, Darrel Baumgardner, Martin Gallagher, Graciela B. Raga, Patrick Minnis, Douglas A. Spangenberg, Andreas Volz-Thomas, Philippe Nedelec, Kuo-Ying Wang (Published: 12 October 2015)

Consistency of tropospheric ozone observations made by different platforms and techniques in the global databases
by Hiroshi Tanimoto, Regina M. Zbinden, Valerie Thouret, Philippe Nédélec (Published: 12 October 2015)

The first regular measurements of ozone, carbon monoxide and water vapour in the Pacific UTLS by IAGOS
by Hannah Clark, Bastien Sauvage, Valérie Thouret, Philippe Nédélec, Romain Blot, Kuo-Ying Wang, Herman Smit, Patrick Neis, Andreas Petzold, Gilles Athier, Damien Boulanger, Jean-Marc Cousin, Karl Beswick, Martin Gallagher, Darrel Baumgardner, Johannes Kaiser, Jean-Marie Flaud, Andreas Wahner, Andreas Volz-Thomas, Jean-Pierre Cammas (Published: 29 September 2015)

The geographical distribution of meteorological parameters associated with high and low summer ozone levels in the lower troposphere and the boundary layer over the eastern Mediterranean (Cairo case)
by Pavlos D. Kalabokas, Valerie Thouret, Jean-Pierre Cammas, Andreas Volz-Thomas, Damien Boulanger, Christos C. Repapis (Published: 18 September 2015)

The IAGOS-core greenhouse gas package: a measurement system for continuous airborne observations of CO2, CH4, H2O and CO
by Annette Filges, Christoph Gerbig, Huilin Chen, Harald Franke, Christoph Klaus, Armin Jordan (Published: 2 September 2015)

Instrumentation on commercial aircraft for monitoring the atmospheric composition on a global scale: the IAGOS system, technical overview of ozone and carbon monoxide measurements
by Philippe Nédélec, Romain Blot, Damien Boulanger, Gilles Athier, Jean-Marc Cousin, Benoit Gautron, Andreas Petzold, Andreas Volz-Thomas, Valerie Thouret (Published: 26 June 2015)

An upper tropospheric ‘ozone river’ from Africa to India during the 2008 Asian post-monsoon season
by Flore Tocquer, Brice Barret, Céline Mari, Eric Le Flochmoen, Jean Pierre Cammas, Bastien Sauvage (Published: 11 March 2015)

Lightning NOx influence on large-scale NOy and O3 plumes observed over the northern mid-latitudes
by Alicia Gressent, Bastien Sauvage, Eric Defer, Hans Werner Pätz, Karin Thomas, Ronald Holle, Jean-Pierre Cammas, Philippe Nédélec, Damien Boulanger, Valérie Thouret, Andreas Volz-Thomas (Published: 18 November 2014)

Natural and man-made climate change: A 2012 symposium in honor of Bert Bolin

The papers in this cluster constitute a selection of presentations given at the Symposium “Natural and man-made climate change” held at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm 21-23 May 2012 to honor Professor Bert Bolin (1925-2007), one of the world leaders in atmospheric and climate science of the 20th century.  The question asked at the outset of the symposium, which was attended by some 30 scientists, was “What can climate variations during the past few thousand years tell us about the sensitivity of the climate system and about the relative importance of natural and anthropogenic contributions to the global warming during the past century?” Several of the papers treat subjects that are closer to the scope of Tellus A than that of Tellus B. The reason why  they are all included in this Tellus B cluster is that I was one of the conveners of the Symposium and that the editorial process, including the peer reviewing, has been handled by the Tellus B editors. 

Henning Rodhe

Chief Editor, Tellus B

Bert Bolin (1925-2007) - a world leading climate scientist and science organiser
by Henning Rodhe (Published: 10 April 2013)

The role of long-lived greenhouse gases as principal LW control knob that governs the global surface temperature for past and future climate change
by Andrew A. Lacis, James E. Hansen, Gary L. Russell, Valdar Oinas, Jeffrey Jonas (Published: 27 November 2013)

Determination of a lower bound on Earth’s climate sensitivity
by Lennart Bengtsson and Stephen E. Schwartz (Published: 11 September 2013)

The climate of the Holocene and its landscape and biotic impacts
by Sherilyn C. Fritz (Published: 10 April 2013)

What is the climate system able to do ‘on its own’?
by Lennart Bengtsson (Published: 12 March 2013)

Comparisons of simulated and observed Northern Hemisphere temperature variations during the past millennium - selected lessons learned and problems encountered
by Anders Moberg (Published: 19 February 2013)