Thematic Clusters

Intercomparison of Mid-Latitude Storm Diagnostics

Cyclones, windstorms and the IMILAST project by Tim D. Hewson, Urs Neu (Published: 1 September 2014)

The sensitivity of characteristics of cyclone activity to identification procedures in tracking algorithms by Irina Rudeva, Sergey K. Gulev, Ian Simmonds, Natalia Tilinina (Published: 12 December 2014)

A comparison of tracking methods for extreme cyclones in the Arctic basin by Ian Simmonds, Irina Rudeva (Published: 30 September 2014)


Towards regional climate system modeling for the Baltic Sea, North Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Arctic Ocean

Application of 3-D ensemble variational data assimilation to a Baltic Sea reanalysis 1989-2013 by Lars Axell, Ye Liu (Published: 11 March 2016)

Thermal air–sea coupling in hindcast simulations for the North Sea and Baltic Sea on the NW European shelf by Matthias Gröger, Christian Dieterich, Markus H.E. Meier, Semjon Schimanke (Published: 15 July 2015)

Development and evaluation of a new regional coupled atmosphere-ocean model in the North Sea and Baltic Sea by Shiyu Wang, Christian Dieterich, Ralf Döscher, Anders Höglund, Robinson Hordoir, H. E. Markus Meier, Patrick Sam (Published: 25 March 2015)

Improving the multiannual, high-resolution modelling of biogeochemical cycles in the Baltic Sea by using data assimilation by Ye Liu, H.E. Markus Meier, Kari Eilola (Published: 10 December 2014)

A fully coupled Mediterranean regional climate system model: design and evaluation of the ocean component for the 1980-2012 period by Florence Sevault, Samuel Somot, Antoinette Alias, Clotilde Dubois, Cindy Lebeaupin-Brossier, Pierre Nabat, Fanny Adloff, Michel Déqué, Bertrand Decharme Mail (Published: 18 November 2014)

Prior history of Mistral and Tramontane winds modulates heavy precipitation events in southern France by Ségolène Berthou, Sylvain Mailler, Philippe Drobinski, Thomas Arsouze, Sophie Bastin, Karine Béranger, Cindy Leb (Published: 7 November 2014)
An algorithm based on sea-level pressure fluctuations to identify major Baltic inflow events by S. Schimanke, C. Dieterich, H. E. M. Meier (Published: 24 October 2014)

Mass exchange at the Strait of Gibraltar in response to tidal and lower frequency forcing as simulated by a Mediterranean Sea model by Ali Harzallah, Mohamed Alioua, Laurent Li (Published: 5 September 2014)

Impact of saltwater inflows on phosphorus cycling and eutrophication in the Baltic Sea: a 3D model study by Kari Eilola, Elin Almroth-Rosell, H. E. Markus Meier (Published: 21 August 2014)

Arctic Ocean freshwater composition, pathways and transformations from a passive tracer simulation by Per Pemberton, Johan Nilsson, H. E. Markus Meier (Published: 16 July 2014)

Assessment of a zoomed global model for the North Sea by comparison with a conventional nested regional model by Jian Su, Dmitry V. Sein, Moritz Mathis, Bernhard Mayer, Kieran O’Driscoll, Xinping Chen, Uwe Mikolajewicz, Thomas Pohlmann (Published: 1 July 2014)

Sensitivity of simulated regional Arctic climate to the choice of coupled model domain by Dmitry V. Sein, Nikolay V. Koldunov, Joaquim G. Pinto, William Cabos (Published: 3 July 2014)


Parameterization of lakes in numerical weather prediction and climate models

Papers based on presentations at a workshop in Évora, Portugal May 2015

Impact of lake surface temperatures simulated by the FLake scheme in the CNRM-CM5 climate model by Patrick Le Moigne, Jeanne Colin, Bertrand Decharme (Published: 7 September 2016)

Atmospheric electrical field measurements near a fresh water reservoir and the formation of the lake breeze by Francisco Lopes, Hugo Gonçalves Silva, Rui Salgado, Miguel Potes, Keri A. Nicoll, R. Giles Harrison (Published: 23 June 2016)

Papers based on presentations at a workshop in Helsinki, Finland September 2012

Impact of partly ice-free Lake Ladoga on temperature and cloudiness in an anticyclonic winter situation - a case study using a limited area model by Kalle Eerola, Laura Rontu, Ekaterina Kourzeneva, Homa Kheyrollah Pour, Claude Duguay (Published: 8 December 2014)

Assimilation of lake water surface temperature observations using an extended Kalman filter by Ekaterina Kourzeneva (Published: 1 October 2014)

Impact of satellite-based lake surface observations on the initial state of HIRLAM. Part II: Analysis of lake surface temperature and ice cover by Homa Kheyrollah Pour, Laura Rontu, Claude Duguay, Kalle Eerola, Ekaterina Kourzeneva (Published: 24 September 2014)

An operational analysis of Lake Surface Water Temperature by Emma K. Fiedler, Matthew J. Martin, Jonah Roberts-Jones (Published: 15 July 2014)

Impact of satellite-based lake surface observations on the initial state of HIRLAM. Part I: evaluation of remotely-sensed lake surface water temperature observations by Homa Kheyrollah Pour, Claude R. Duguay, Rune Solberg, Øystein Rudjord (Published: 20 May 2014)

Evolution of snow and ice temperature, thickness and energy balance in Lake Orajärvi, northern Finland by Bin Cheng, Timo Vihma, Laura Rontu, Anna Kontu, Homa Kheyrollah Pour, Claude Duguay, Jouni Pulliainen (Published: 14 May 2014)

Estimation of the mean depth of boreal lakes for use in numerical weather prediction and climate modelling by Margarita Choulga, Ekaterina Kourzeneva, Elena Zakharova, Arkady Doganovsky (Published: 21 March 2014)

An intercomparison study of ice thickness models in the Netherlands by E. I.F. de Bruijn, F. C. Bosveld, E. V. van der Plas (Published: 5 February 2014)

LakeMIP Kivu: evaluating the representation of a large, deep tropical lake by a set of one-dimensional lake models by Wim Thiery, Victor M. Stepanenko, Xing Fang, Klaus D. Jöhnk, Zhongshun Li, Andrey Martynov, Marjorie Perroud, Zackary M. Subin, François Darchambeau, Dmitrii Mironov, Nicole P.M. van Lipzig (Published: 5 February 2014)

Simulation of surface energy fluxes and stratification of a small boreal lake by a set of one-dimensional models by Victor Stepanenko, Klaus D. Jöhnk, Ekaterina Machulskaya, Marjorie Perroud, Zack Subin, Annika Nordbo, Ivan Mammarella, Dmitri Mironov (Published: 16 January 2014)

The performance of FLake in the Met Office Unified Model by Gabriel Gerard Rooney, Francisco Jorge Bornemann (Published: 2 December 2013)

Spectral measurements of underwater downwelling radiance of inland water bodies by Miguel Potes, Maria João Costa, Rui Salgado, Daniele Bortoli, António Serafim, Patrick Le Moigne (Published: 6 November 2013)

Evaluation of the lake model FLake over a coastal lagoon during the THAUMEX field campaign by Patrick Le Moigne, Dominique Legain, Franck Lagarde, Miguel Potes, Diane Tzanos, Eric Moulin, Joel Barrié, Rui Salgado, Grégory Messiaen, Annie Fiandrino, Sylvie Donier, Olivier Traullé, Maria João Costa (Published: 31 October 2013)

Papers based on presentations at a workshop in Norrköping, Sweden September 2010

Parameterisation of sea and lake ice in numerical weather prediction models of the German Weather Serviceby Dmitrii Mironov, Bodo Ritter, Jan-Peter Schulz, Michael Buchhold, Martin Lange, Ekaterina Machulskaya (Published: 5 April 2012)

Simulation of surface temperature and ice cover of large northern lakes with 1-D models: a comparison with MODIS satellite data and in situ measurementsby H. Kheyrollah Pour, C. Duguay, A. Martynov, L. C. Brown (Published: 23 March 2012)

Data assimilation and parametrisation of lakes in HIRLAM
by Laura Rontu, Kalle Eerola, Ekaterina Kourzeneva, Bertel Vehviläinen (Published: 23 March 2012)

Snow and ice on Bear Lake (Alaska) – sensitivity experiments with two lake ice models
by Tido Semmler, Bin Cheng, Yu Yang, Laura Rontu (Published: 13 March 2012)

Climate data for parameterisation of lakes in Numerical Weather Prediction models
by Ekaterina Kourzeneva, Eric Martin, Yurii Batrak, Patrick Le Moigne (Published: 7 March 2012)

On the contribution of lakes in predicting near-surface temperature in a global weather forecasting model
by G. Balsamo, R. Salgado, E. Dutra, S. Boussetta, T. Stockdale, M. Potes (Published: 23 February 2012)

Climate change impact on thermal and oxygen regime of shallow lakes
by Sergey Golosov, Arkady Terzhevik, Ilia Zverev, Georgiy Kirillin, Cristof Engelhardt (Published: 21 February 2012)

Global gridded dataset of lake coverage and lake depth for use in numerical weather prediction and climate modelling
by Ekaterina Kourzeneva, Hermann Asensio, Eric Martin, Stephanie Faroux (Published: 16 February 2012)

Boreal lakes moderate seasonal and diurnal temperature variation and perturb atmospheric circulation: analyses in the Community Earth System Model 1 (CESM1)
by Zachary M. Subin, Lisa N. Murphy, Fuyu Li, Céline Bonfils, William J. Riley (Published: 15 February 2012)

Interactive lakes in the Canadian Regional Climate Model, version 5: the role of lakes in the regional climate of North America
by Andrey Martynov, Laxmi Sushama, René Laprise, Katja Winger, Bernard Dugas (Published: 14 February 2012)

Numerical modelling of snow and ice thicknesses in Lake Vanajavesi, Finland
by Yu Yang, Matti Leppäranta, Bin Cheng, Zhijun Li (Published: 2 February 2012)


Natural and man-made climate change: A 2012 symposium in honor of Bert Bolin

The papers below are part of a Thematic Cluster with papers presented at a conference held in Stockholm 21 - 23 May 2012, to honor the late Professor Bert Bolin for his outstanding contributions to climate science and his efforts to create a dialogue between policy makers and the scientific community. All papers within the cluster are published online as soon as they have been accepted for publication. When all papers belonging to the cluster have been published, they will be summarized with a foreword describing the background and scope of the conference. All papers are originally published in Tellus B.

Bert Bolin (1925-2007) - a world leading climate scientist and science organiser
by Henning Rodhe (Published: 10 April 2013)

The role of long-lived greenhouse gases as principal LW control knob that governs the global surface temperature for past and future climate change
by Andrew A. Lacis, James E. Hansen, Gary L. Russell, Valdar Oinas, Jeffrey Jonas (Published: 27 November 2013)

Determination of a lower bound on Earth’s climate sensitivity
by Lennart Bengtsson, Stephen E. Schwartz (Published: 11 September 2013)

The climate of the Holocene and its landscape and biotic impacts
by Sherilyn C. Fritz (Published: 10 April 2013)

What is the climate system able to do ‘on its own’?
by Lennart Bengtsson (Published: 12 March 2013)

Comparisons of simulated and observed Northern Hemisphere temperature variations during the past millennium - selected lessons learned and problems encountered
by Anders Moberg (Published: 19 February 2013)