Reviewer Guidelines

All submitted manuscripts undergo an initial screening by the executive editors. Authors reading this page should also consult the Peer Review Process/ Initial Screening section of our Editorial Policies page. 

The primary role of reviewers is to determine whether the submitted work is scientifically sound and reasonable with respect to methodology, argument, conclusions, and proper positioning of the work within the existing literature on the subject and related areas.

Reviewers are asked to provide concrete, constructive and substantiated comments and reflections to assist the editors in making a final decision regarding publication of the manuscript; and to assist the author in improving the manuscript such that it can be published.

Among the key items reviewers are asked to consider are:

  • whether the work is within the scope of the journal;
  • whether the work contains any serious flaws that indicate the work should not be published;
  • whether the methodology has been well-described, allowing for reproducibility of the results;
  • the soundness of data and the appropriate use of methodologies.
  • whether further data should be submitted, or further experiments conducted;
  • the originality of the work and its proper positioning within the existing literature;
  • whether the discussion and conclusion is substantiated by the data and other evidence presented;
  • whether the discussion contains a consideration of actions that might be taken in light of the research presented;
  • whether relevant references to similar research have been given
  • whether the writing and organization of the paper is clear and understandable, including whether the English is correct;
  • whether tables and figures are appropriate and clearly express what they are intended to;
  • whether any ethical or competing interests exist that the reviewer is aware of.

Peer Reviewers are expected to be familiar with and follow the COPE Ehtical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers: