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The role of orgasm in the development and shaping of partner preferences Genaro A. Coria-Avila, Deissy Herrera-Covarrubias, Nafissa Ismail, James G. Pfaus
Measuring sperm backflow following female orgasm: a new method Robert King, Maria Dempsey, Katherine A. Valentine
Determinants of female sexual orgasms Osmo Kontula, Anneli Miettinen
Do rats have orgasms? James G. Pfaus, Tina Scardochio, Mayte Parada, Christine Gerson, Gonzalo R. Quintana, Genaro A. Coria-Avila
Testing the mate-choice hypothesis of the female orgasm: disentangling traits and behaviours James M. Sherlock, Morgan J. Sidari, Emily Ann Harris, Fiona Kate Barlow, Brendan P. Zietsch

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