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Published: 9 October 2015


Society, Health and Vulnerability is an open access international journal meant to promote the better understanding of how and why people become vulnerable to a range of health problems and what might be done about it. The journal is itself inclusive rather than exclusive. Its remit is broad. There are multiple and varied causes of vulnerability, whether in individuals, groups, or whole populations. If there is a common thread, it is that vulnerability is a social phenomenon. It may be that an individual is born with a genetic inheritance that puts him or her into a statistical minority, but the labeling and treatment of this inheritance as a “defect” to be remedied or, worse, as justifying his or her marginalization, rejection, stigmatization, exclusion and so are unequivocally social processes. It follows from this that they can be contested, exposed, and changed. The disability movement and the related fields of disability politics and disability studies emerged precisely in this context.

If the nature and causes of human vulnerability are multidimensional, so too are interventions designed to tackle them or to foster individual or collective resilience. Society, Health and Vulnerability welcomes both scholarly papers on the social causes of vulnerability and their health effects and pragmatic and policy contributions focusing on effective interventions and rehabilitation measures. While it is anticipated that many papers will report quantitative or qualitative studies, the editors however would also welcome conceptual and theoretical papers that explicate, elaborate on, or challenge prevailing discourses in academia and further afield.

The editors are committed also to encouraging submissions from across the world. A truly “global,” social, and behavioral science of vulnerability and health cannot be won by merely extending North American, European, Australasian, and Scandinavian discourses. It is vital that hitherto unheard voices are listened to. Papers from developing societies are especially welcome in this context.

Society, Health and Vulnerability replaces a neophyte journal Vulnerable Groups and Inclusion, which started life in 2010. While the editors were pleased with the quality of articles featured from 2010 to 2015, it was thought advisable to offer potential authors a clearer and more inclusive protocol. This new title and launch, therefore, articulate a refinement of the journal’s original mission. As the title Society, Health and Vulnerability suggests, the principal focus now is on the complex family of linkages between macro-, meso-, and micro-level social processes; health issues and rehabilitation; and vulnerability in all its guises. The reach of the journal is thereby extended. At the same time, the editors encourage submissions on responding to crises of vulnerability. They strongly hold that an international journal such as Society, Health and Vulnerability must itself be a contribution to optimal forms of social organization.

Graham Scambler
Marianne Hedlund
Bodil J. Landstad


Marianne Hedlund and Bodil J. Landstad continue to serve as editors and Graham Scambler has been appointed an international advisory editor. In addition, a number of section editors have been appointed. All are excited with the rebirth of a journal with a clear scholarly and pragmatic mission.

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