Volume 60 (2016)


Review Articles

Milk and dairy products: good or bad for human health? An assessment of the totality of scientific evidence Tanja Kongerslev Thorning, Anne Raben, Tine Thorning, Sabita S. Soedamah-Muthu, Ian Givens, Arne Astrup
Iodine status in the Nordic countries – past and present Helena Filipsson Nyström, Anne Lise Brantsæter, Iris Erlund, Ingibjörg Gunnarsdottir, Lena Hulthén, Peter Laurberg, Irene Mattisson, Lone Banke Rasmussen, Suvi Virtanen, Helle Margarete Meltzer
Allergens of Arachis hypogaea and the effect of processing on their detection by ELISA Amjad Iqbal, Farooq Shah, Muhammad Hamayun, Ayaz Ahmad, Anwar Hussain, Muhammad Waqas, Sang-Mo Kang, In-Jung Lee

Original Articles

Dietary tryptophan depletion in humans using a simplified two amino acid formula - a pilot study Maike Linden, Katrin Helmbold, Janina Kempf, Shabnam Sippas, Christian Filss, Karl-Josef Langen, Albrecht Eisert, Florian Daniel Zepf
Enhanced nutrition improves growth and increases blood adiponectin concentrations in very low birth weight infants Elin W. Blakstad, Sissel J. Moltu, Britt Nakstad, Marit B. Veierød, Kenneth Strømmen, Pétur B. Júlíusson, Astrid N. Almaas, Arild E. Rønnestad, Kristin Brække, Christian A. Drevon, Per O. Iversen
Effects of royal jelly supplementation on regulatory T cells in children with SLE Asmaa M. Zahran, Khalid I. Elsayh, Khaled Saad, Esraa M.A. Eloseily, Naglaa S. Osman, Mohamd A. Alblihed, Gamal Badr, Mohamed H. Mahmoud
Quality of life in parents of preterm infants in a randomized nutritional intervention trial Trond Nordheim, Tone Rustøen, Per O. Iversen, Britt Nakstad
Twelve-week-conjugated linoleic acid supplementation has no effects on the selected markers of atherosclerosis in obese and overweight women Monika Dus-Zuchowska, Edyta Madry, Patrycja Krzyzanowska, Pawel Bogdanski, Jaroslaw Walkowiak
Dietary supplementation with a specific melon concentrate reverses vascular dysfunction induced by cafeteria diet Julie Carillon, Bernard Jover, Jean-Paul Cristol, Jean-Max Rouanet, Sylvain Richard, Anne Virsolvy
Protective effects of Trifolium alexandrinum L. against lung injury induced by environmental toxin CCl4 in experimental rats Rahmat Khan, Huda Mohammad Alkreathy, Abdus Saboorshah, Mushtaq Ahmed, Samiullah Khan
Toward crustacean without chemicals: a descriptive analysis of consumer response using price comparisons Charles Odilichukwu R. Okpala, Gioacchino Bono, Vito Pipitone, Sergio Vitale, Leonardo Cannizzaro
Atheroprotective effects of pure tocotrienol supplementation in the treatment of rabbits with experimentally induced early and established atherosclerosis Thuhairah Abdul Rahman, Noor Faezah Hassim, Nurmazni Zulkafli, Suhaila Muid, Noor Kaslina Kornain, Hapizah Nawawi
Microalgae as a safe food source for animals: nutritional characteristics of the acidophilic microalga Coccomyxa onubensis Francisco Navarro, Eduardo Forján, María Vázquez, Zaida Montero, Elisabeth Bermejo, Miguel Ángel Castaño, Alberto Toimil, Enrique Chagüaceda, Miguel Ángel García-Sevillano, Marisa Sánchez, María José Domínguez, Rosario Pásaro, Inés Garbayo, Carlos Vílchez, José María Vega
Cardioprotective effects of silver fir (Abies alba) extract in ischemic-reperfused isolated rat hearts Gorazd Drevenšek, Mojca Lunder, Eva Tavčar Benković, Borut Štrukelj, Samo Kreft
A multicenter clinical study to determine the efficacy of a novel fenugreek seed (Trigonella foenum-graecum) extract (FenfuroTM) in patients with type 2 diabetes Narsingh Verma, Kauser Usman, Naresh Patel, Arvind Jain, Sudhir Dhakre, Anand Swaroop, Manashi Bagchi, Pawan Kumar, Harry G. Preuss, Debasis Bagchi
Metabolic effects of quail eggs in diabetes-induced rats: comparison with chicken eggs Eric Lontchi-Yimagou, Agatha Tanya, Carine Tchankou, Judith Ngondi, Julius Oben
Food sources of energy and nutrients in Finnish girls and boys 6–8 years of age – the PANIC study Aino-Maija Eloranta, Taisa Venäläinen, Sonja Soininen, Henna Jalkanen, Sanna Kiiskinen, Ursula Schwab, Timo A. Lakka, Virpi Lindi
An Okinawan-based Nordic diet improves anthropometry, metabolic control, and health-related quality of life in Scandinavian patients with type 2 diabetes: a pilot trial Gassan Darwiche, Peter Höglund, Bodil Roth, Ewa Larsson, Trygve Sjöberg, Björn Wohlfart, Stig Steen, Bodil Ohlsson
Correlates of fruit, vegetable, soft drink, and snack intake among adolescents: the ESSENS study Mekdes K. Gebremariam, Sigrun Henjum, Laura Terragni, Liv Elin Torheim
Chronic leucine supplementation improves lipid metabolism in C57BL/6J mice fed with a high-fat/cholesterol diet Jun Jiao, Shu-Fen Han, Wei Zhang, Jia-Ying Xu, Xing Tong, Xue-Bin Yin, Lin-Xi Yuan, Li-Qiang Qin
A nine-country study of the protein content and amino acid composition of mature human milk Ping Feng, Ming Gao, Anita Burgher, Tian Hui Zhou, Kathryn Pramuk
Effects of cereal fiber on leptin resistance and sensitivity in C57BL/6J mice fed a high-fat/cholesterol diet Ru Zhang, Jun Jiao, Wei Zhang, Zheng Zhang, Weiguo Zhang, Li-Qiang Qin, Shu-Fen Han
Plasma phospholipid pentadecanoic acid, EPA, and DHA, and the frequency of dairy and fish product intake in young children Nicolai A. Lund-Blix, Kjersti S. Rønningen, Håkon Bøås, German Tapia, Lene F. Andersen
Fish consumption pattern among adults of different ethnics in Peninsular Malaysia Nurul Izzah Ahmad, Wan Rozita Wan Mahiyuddin, Tengku Rozaina Tengku Mohamad, Cheong Yoon Ling, Siti Fatimah Daud, Nasriyah Che Hussein, Nor Aini Abdullah, Rafiza Shaharudin, Lokman Hakim Sulaiman
Diet in 1-year-old farm and control children and allergy development: results from the FARMFLORA birth cohort Karin Jonsson, My Green, Malin Barman, Agneta Sjöberg, Hilde K. Brekke, Agnes E. Wold, Ann-Sofie Sandberg
School meal provision, health, and cognitive function in a Nordic setting - the ProMeal-study: description of methodology and the Nordic context Maria Waling, Anna S. Olafsdottir, Hanna Lagström, Hege Wergedahl, Bert Jonsson, Cecilia Olsson, Eldbjørg Fossgard, Asle Holthe, Sanna Talvia, Ingigun Gunnarsdottir, Agneta Hörnell
The effects of orally administered Bacillus coagulans and inulin on prevention and progression of rheumatoid arthritis in rats Khadijeh Abhari, Seyed Shahram Shekarforoush, Saeid Hosseinzadeh, Saeid Nazifi, Javad Sajedianfard, Mohammad Hadi Eskandari
Zolfino landrace (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) from Pratomagno: general and specific features of a functional food Francesco Balestri, Rossella Rotondo, Roberta Moschini, Mario Pellegrino, Mario Cappiello, Vito Barracco, Livia Misuri, Carlo Sorce, Andrea Andreucci, Antonella Del-Corso, Umberto Mura
Delta- and gamma-tocotrienol isomers are potent in inhibiting inflammation and endothelial activation in stimulated human endothelial cells Suhaila Muid, Gabriele Anisah R. Froemming, Thuhairah Rahman, A. Manaf Ali, Hapizah M. Nawawi
Skin photoprotective and antiageing effects of a combination of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) and grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) polyphenols Vincenzo Nobile, Angela Michelotti, Enza Cestone, Nuria Caturla, Julián Castillo, Obdulio Benavente-García, Almudena Pérez-Sánchez, Vicente Micol
Reduction of sodium content in spicy soups using monosodium glutamate Selamat Jinap, Parvaneh Hajeb, Roslina Karim, Sarian Norliana, Simayi Yibadatihan, Razak Abdul-Kadir
A double-blind, randomized, and active-controlled phase III study of Herbiron drink in the treatment of iron-deficiency anemia in premenopausal females in Taiwan Ching-Tzu Lee, Cherng-Jye Jeng, Lian-Shung Yeh, Ming-Shyen Yen, Shih-Ming Chen, Chyi-Long Lee, Willie Lin, Chun-Sen Hsu
Antimicrobial, antioxidant, and antitumor activity of epsilon-poly-L-lysine and citral, alone or in combination Ce Shi, Xingchen Zhao, Zonghui Liu, Rizeng Meng, Xiangrong Chen, Na Guo
The association between adherence to the New Nordic Diet and diet quality Helga Birgit Bjørnarå, Nina Cecilie Øverby, Tonje Holte Stea, Monica Klungland Torstveit, Elisabet Rudjord Hillesund, Lene Frost Andersen, Sveinung Berntsen, Elling Bere
Nutritional and developmental status among 6- to 8-month-old children in southwestern Uganda: a cross-sectional study Grace K.M. Muhoozi, Prudence Atukunda, Robert Mwadime, Per Ole Iversen, Ane C. Westerberg
Energy balance and nutrient distribution in relation to CRP and HbA1c levels among patients with type 2 diabetes Hiba Bawadi, Rami Katkhouda, Ahmad Al-Haifi, Rreema Tayyem, Cosette Fakih Elkhoury, Zeina Jamal
Genistein upregulates LDLR levels via JNK-mediated activation of SREBP-2 Medicia Kartawijaya, Hye Won Han, Yunhye Kim, Seung-Min Lee
Resveratrol attenuated hydrogen peroxide-induced myocardial apoptosis by autophagic flux Chih-Yang Huang, Wei-Jen Ting, Chih-Yang Huang, Jing-Yi Yang, Wan-Teng Lin
Hypolipidemic effects of chitosan and its derivatives in hyperlipidemic rats induced by a high-fat diet Haitao Pan, Qingyun Yang, Guidong Huang, Chen Ding, Peiqiu Cao, Lanlan Huang, Tiancun Xiao, Jiao Guo, Zhengquan Su
Lingonberries alter the gut microbiota and prevent low-grade inflammation in high-fat diet fed mice Lovisa Heyman-Lindén, Dorota Kotowska, Elin Sand, Mikael Bjursell, Merichel Plaza, Charlotta Turner, Cecilia Holm, Frida Fåk, Karin Berger
Nutmeg oil alleviates chronic inflammatory pain through inhibition of COX-2 expression and substance P release in vivo Wei Kevin Zhang, Shan-Shan Tao, Ting-Ting Li, Yu-Sang Li, Xiao-Jun Li, He-Bin Tang, Ren-Huai Cong, Fang-Li Ma, Chu-Jun Wan
Metabolic and histopathological effects of sleeve gastrectomy and gastric plication: an experimental rodent model Osman Bilgin Gulcicek, Kamil Ozdogan, Ali Solmaz, Hakan Yigitbas, Serdar Altınay, Aysegul Gunes, Duygu Sultan Celik, Erkan Yavuz, Atilla Celik, Fatih Celebi
Relaxin and atrial natriuretic peptide pathways participate in the anti-fibrotic effect of a melon concentrate in spontaneously hypertensive rats Julie Carillon, Audrey Gauthier, Sandy Barial, Michel Tournier, Nathalie Gayrard, Anne-Dominique Lajoix, Bernard Jover
Sodium and potassium urinary excretion and dietary intake: a cross-sectional analysis in adolescents Carla Gonçalves, Sandra Abreu, Patrícia Padrão, Olívia Pinho, Pedro Graça, João Breda, Rute Santos, Pedro Moreira
Therapeutic efficacy of ethanolic extract of Aerva javanica aerial parts in the amelioration of CCl4-induced hepatotoxicity and oxidative damage in rats Ahmed H. Arbab, Mohammad K. Parvez, Mohammed S. Al-Dosari, Adnan J. Al-Rehaily, Khalid E. Ibrahim, Perwez Alam, Mansour S. Alsaid, Syed Rafatullah
Serum zinc reference intervals and its relationship with dietary, functional, and biochemical indicators in 6- to 9-year-old healthy children Camila Xavier Alves, Naira Josele Neves de Brito, Karina Marques Vermeulen, Márcia Marília Gomes Dantas Lopes, Mardone Cavalcante França, Selma Sousa Bruno, Maria das Graças Almeida, José Brandão-Neto
Extract from a mutant Rhodobacter sphaeroides as an enriched carotenoid source ChihChiang Wang, Shangwu Ding, Kuo-Hsun Chiu, Wen-Sheng Liu, Tai-Jung Lin, Zhi-Hong Wen
Safety assessment of Maillard reaction products of chicken bone hydrolysate using Sprague-Dawley rats Jin-Zhi Wang, Hong-Mei Sun, Chunhui Zhang, Li Hu, Xia Li, Xiao-Wei Wu
Effect of different home-cooking methods on the bioaccessibility of zinc and iron in conventionally bred cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp) consumed in Brazil Elenilda J. Pereira, Lucia M.J. Carvalho, Gisela M. Dellamora-Ortiz, Flávio S.N. Cardoso, José L.V. Carvalho
Effect of Launaea procumbens extract on oxidative marker, p53, and CYP 2E1: a randomized control study Rahmat Ali Khan, Muhammad Rashid Khan, Sumaira Sahreen, Huda Mohammad Alkreathy
Consumption of milk and milk products in the population of the Upper Silesian agglomeration inhabitants Marek Kardas, Elżbieta Grochowska-Niedworok, Ilona Kolasa, Beata Całyniuk, Mateusz Grajek, Agnieszka Bielaszka, Agata Kiciak, Małgorzata Muc-Wierzgoń
Sub-patterns of food consumption and hyperglycemia in Mexican young people: a study by factor analysis Juan Antonio Córdova Hernández, David del Valle Laveaga, Juan Manuel Muñoz Cano
Cytoprotective mechanism of ferulic acid against high glucose-induced oxidative stress in cardiomyocytes and hepatocytes Yuan Song, Luona Wen, Jianxia Sun, Weibin Bai, Rui Jiao, Yunfeng Hu, Xichun Peng, Yong He, Shiyi Ou
Food groups consumed by infants and toddlers in urban areas of China Pan Yu, Liya Denney, Yingdong Zheng, Gerard Vinyes-Parés, Kathleen C. Reidy, Alison L. Eldridge, Peiyu Wang, Yumei Zhang
Identification and molecular characterization of oat peptides implicated on coeliac immune response Isabel Comino, David Bernardo, Emmanuelle Bancel, María de Lourdes Moreno, Borja Sánchez, Francisco Barro, Tanja Šuligoj, Paul J. Ciclitira, Ángel Cebolla, Stella C. Knight, Gérard Branlard, Carolina Sousa
Supplementation of Korean Red Ginseng improves behavior deviations in animal models of autism Edson Luck T. Gonzales, Jong-Hwa Jang, Darine Froy N. Mabunga, Ji-Woon Kim, Mee Jung Ko, Kyu Suk Cho, Geon Ho Bahn, Minha Hong, Jong Hoon Ryu, Hee Jin Kim, Jae Hoon Cheong, Chan Young Shin
Supplementation with a fish protein hydrolysate (Micromesistius poutassou): effects on body weight, body composition, and CCK/GLP-1 secretion Vincenzo Nobile, Elisa Duclous, Angela Michelotti, Gioia Bizzaro, Massimo Negro, Florian Soisson
Anti-obesity effect of extract from fermented Curcuma longa L. through regulation of adipogenesis and lipolysis pathway in high-fat diet-induced obese rats Ji Hye Kim, Ok-Kyung Kim, Ho-Geun Yoon, Jeongjin Park, Yanghee You, Kyungmi Kim, Yoo-Hyun Lee, Kyung-Chul Choi, Jeongmin Lee, Woojin Jun
Physicochemical, nutritional, and sensory analyses of a nitrate-enriched beetroot gel and its effects on plasmatic nitric oxide and blood pressure Davi Vieira Teixeira da Silva, Fabricio de Oliveira Silva, Daniel Perrone, Anna Paola Trindade Rocha Pierucci, Carlos Adam Conte-Junior, Thiago da Silveira Alvares, Eduardo Mere Del Aguila, Vânia Flosi Paschoalin
A pilot, short-term dietary manipulation of branched chain amino acids has modest influence on fasting levels of branched chain amino acids Nicole Landa Cavallaro, Jamie Garry, Xu Shi, Robert E. Gerszten, Ellen J. Anderson, Geoffrey A. Walford
Differences in nutrient composition and choice of side dishes between red meat and fish dinners in Norwegian adults Jannicke Borch Myhre, Elin Bjørge Løken, Margareta Wandel, Lene Frost Andersen